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Cool Things and Plans

I’ve been feeling like I’m in the process of fighting something potentially awful off for the last week or so.  This potentially awfulness has not manifested itself into anything particularly awful and since I no longer have the excuse of not feeling well to use as a reason to not post, I am posting.

Picture courtesy of Design Milk

These giant pig snout piggy banks are so awesome.  I want!  They’d be great for a kid’s room, but seriously I just want one, kids or no kids.

Picture courtesy of Design Milk

Lately I’ve been all about bathrooms and kitchens on my Pinterest board and these adorable little guys called Efeet really need to be on my kitchen table… When I have a kitchen table, that is.

Picture courtesy of 101Cookbooks

With the acquisition of my food processor I’ve been collecting recipes again and this Maple Buttermilk Pie looks like it’s going to be in the whole grain pie crust I have left over from when I made quiche.  The pie crusts came two to a package and I’ ve been waiting for a chance to put something delicious in there.

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Last night I ordered Thai food and the delivery guy showed up in a Corvette!  “Nice car!” I said.  He told me that it was his nephew’s car and that they had traded cars that day, leaving him with the Corvette.  “If I could afford this car, I wouldn’t be doing this for a living!” he said in a very thick Asian accent.  LOL!  As far as the “plans” go; I waited too long to get into the Holiday Handmade show.  I wanted to wait until I had enough stuff made to actually have something to sell and the deadline passed me by.  I think I actually just chickened out, but I’m not entirely convinced since I was really looking forward to the show.  In the meantime, I’m keeping myself busy with these little handbags made from plastic canvas; I’m making one this weekend and will post pics!


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My Window

I took some photos of the stuff in my windows this morning.  I used to have more plants, but a lot of them have gone to the Great Garden In The Sky; I guess even plants get stressed out over too much moving.

I bought a bunch of these Moroccan glass tea light star things at Pier One and I love them.  You can see one of my little tin stars in the upper right of this pic; I have those hanging all over my big bay window.  I’m planning to put up a string of Christmas lights eventually.

This is my not so organized organization tactic for my super tiny kitchen; line everything up along the windowsill.  In the big clay jar there is where I keep my rice.  One day I’ll have a big kitchen filled with light and counter space haha!

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Turncoat Leaves and The Pepto Fountain of Cancer

This is a pic of one of the trees in our parking lot at the Sports Authority Corporate office.  There’s a bit of the light rail train in the background (^_^).  Most of our trees are still all green, but this one is sporting a lovely swatch of buttercup yellow.

The fountain down the street from my office has been spewing Pepto Bismol pink water for the last couple of weeks and since the park doesn’t seem capable of having digestive issues I think this is in honor of breast cancer awareness month.  I hear that consuming too much artificial dye causes cancer (­¬_¬)…

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Wheels of Doom, Rivers of Hummus, & How Much My Baby Loves Me

In every relationship there is a pivotal moment where we go from guessing and hoping that the sweet little things our significant other does for us might just mean that they like us, to knowing full well that not only do they like us, they super duper dig us, think that we’re cooler than Spiderman and it becomes clear that they’re under the impression that the sun shines out our ass Care Bear stare style.  Last night, my sweet baby showed up at my apartment with not only the soy milk I needed to make our dinner, but a glorious and shining Black And Decker 8 Cup food processor.

It has several different slicing and dicing options with a spinning blade or a spinning wheel of doom for any and all vegetables or fruits that cross my path.  I envisioned myself standing in my kitchen dressed in a white lab coat and dark goggles, hair strait up in the air mad scientist fashion, laughing maniacally into the room filled with unsuspecting vegetables shouting “THE STREETS WILL RUN BEIGE WITH RIVERS OF HUMMUS! <insert evil laughter here>.”  As soon as the box was handed to me I was jumping up and down squealing like a fourteen year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert, but besides that, I was thinking of all the hummus, pumpkin soup, mint and cilantro chutney, sweet potato dip for the spicy kale chips I love so much, the list goes on!  I still can’t decide what to make first!  I’ve never been so happy (^_^)

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So Many Awesome Things, So Little Time

Sorry it’s been a few days since my last post, I’ve been crocheting beaded headbands for the Holiday Handmade craft show in December so I haven’t had a lot of free time and I’m blogging this during a 15 minute break at the office; don’t tell on me!  Pics to come when I have time to take them haha.  In the meantime, here are some updates on trends and, as always, cool stuff I wanted to share.

Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

In regards to my up and coming Holiday Handmade  craft show stock it would appear that in addition to chevrons, color blocks are coming back in style.  This is actually great because color blocks are ridiculously easy to make and the creative process is a simple matter of picking colors, making squares and sewing them together.  Guess I’ll be making a ton of granny squares this fall!

Photo courtesy of Design Milk

First up, a textile installation at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, England.  This installation is intended to allow museum patrons to lay back and enjoy the scenery in the Raphael Cartoons gallery.  So cool!

Photo courtesy of Design Milk

Next up a plantable table by JAILmake.  I think that the table top should be glass so you can enjoy the plants from the vantage point you’ll be seeing the table from the most, but other than that this is just the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while.

Photo courtesy of Design Milk

And last on my cool stuff around the web, these switch notes.  I actually don’t have any light switches that I use often enough to use these awesome little post-it adaptations, but I really like the concept.  I love when someone designs something so obvious you find yourself saying “why didn’t I think of that?!”


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Ribbons, Beads & Thread Oh My!

Pink ribbons tied to all the trees on my walk to the bus station!  Yay breast cancer awareness!

Pretty in pink at the bus stop.

Beads, ribbon, crochet thread and so many plans!  Getting ready for the Holiday Handmade craft show this December!

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Nothing New, But Worthy of Celebration

I love these little juice boxes filled with dairy free milk options!  Perfect for me morning granola at the office.

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Hopefully my first craft show all by myself!  Get details on this Denver Metro Area craft show in December here.

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