I have a confession to make, I’m a total wuss and I completely chickened out on asking the café if I could teach an intro to crochet class.  I’m now volunteering at The Gathering Place on Saturday mornings/afternoons so that I can be involved, but not responsible for the planning and continuation of anything.  Baby steps!  I’m taking baby steps…  I’ve already sent the email requesting information about volunteering so thbt!

Make Your Own Soda!

Aside from my failure to follow through with my plan of attack on the crochet class teaching and otherwise wussiness; there is an awesome make-your-own-soda-flavors recipe that I fully intend to experiment with.  As many of my friends and long-time acquaintences are aware, I have quite the penchant for club soda and it’s “almost like beer” qualities; it’s cool, it’s refreshing, it’s fizzy and you can drink as much as you want without worry of doing something dumb or having a hangover the next day!  I still drink beer, though I’ve been really enjoying hard cider lately, but when I’m not enjoying a frosty alcoholic beverage, I still reach for my oh so inexpensive fizzy beverage to which I add a splash of pear juice, apple juice or even chilled black tea.

S'mores Pops!

Another delicious project I plan to execute just at the onset of fall are these s’mores Pops from Tip Junkie.  The amazing old Victorian house turned apartment building in which I currently reside has an absolutely fantastic fire pit in the spacious backyard.  I have been saving up bonfire fuel (mostly empty IKEA and Office Depot paper boxes from moving Lilly and I into our new apartments) and in addition to perhaps some delicious homemade sodas, these s’mores pops are going to be awesome around the fire with friends in the cool, crisp, Autumn night air of Colorado.


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