Doilie Pendant Lamp (Apartment Therapy)

It would appear that doilies are the new “in” thing in the hipster world and I’ve got to say that lately it seems that being a crocheter is becoming a far more cool thing to be as the fads roll in these days.  Chevrons have been making their appearances in my list ‘o blogs for the last few weeks and I’m not sure if I feel like a trend setter or like one of those hipster wannabes as I sit in my local café crocheting a (you guessed it) chevron/wave afghan.  In my defense, I started working on the afghan months before chevrons made their debut on my monitor, but I worry about being one of the kids who signal the end of a trend the second they’re seen emulating the cool kids.

Regardless, we’ve all seen the rise in popularity of DIY projects over the last few years.  Whether it’s urban gardening, knitting, crocheting or sewing most of your own clothes instead of buying them, many of us have this desire to learn how to do something.  My girlfriend Lilly and even some of my coworkers, who have seen me turn lengths of string and yarn into lovely lacy things, pillows or afghans, have expressed interest in learning to crochet.

And so, it is with great pride, that I hereby declare that I will be going to that same local café mentioned above this weekend to ask if I might teach a free Intro To Crochet class on Saturday afternoons.  I’ve been looking over some sites of women who have a lot of really great tips for classes such as adding a “class size is limited, so sign up early” clause at the bottom of my  flyer to dissuade people from signing up last minute and thus giving me a better idea of how many people to expect.

Looking over the crochet class blogs has been giving me tons of ideas about “how” to teach beginners.  That learning to use computers is a different type of eye-hand coordination than crocheting or knitting and that some of the easiest patterns I know are still extremely difficult for those who have never seen or held a crochet hook.  So I’ve been making notes and plan to start people off by crocheting into chains making things like scarves and washcloths before we get into granny squares and doilies.

This is one more step on my path to owning my own craft supply store/café/crafting university.  I also bought some books on how to start your own business with a $50 gift card to I had forgotten entirely about.  In the meantime, I’m hoping that teaching a class will earn me valuable people skills and will set me up to better help out the future teachers that come to my crafting café university to be.

I’m really excited and really apprehensive, but I think that one, one-hour class on a Saturday afternoon is a practical beginning; assiduous without being overly ambitious.

I have one pattern written for my first class already and I’m stoked to get teaching!


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