Industrial Design

1969 Dodge Chinook Mobile Juice and Coctail Bar

One of my favorite sites is Design Milk who, as always, has wonderful posts about industrial designers who are all creating wonderful things.  In an effort to post more often I’ve decided to share a few of the things that have caught my eye recently.

I love lunch trucks and I love juice bars and putting the two together just makes my tummy smile.  See the full post here and see the rest of the pics.  I want that to be my kitchen!

Alma (soul) table

Brazilian designer Roberta Rampazzo designed this table made from acrylic and wood shavings to show the “nobility of wood even in its most unusable form” as posted here.  I can’t tell if the top is covered or not, but I think of how cool this table would be if it were filled with soil instead of wood shavings so you could plant things in there!

Early Bird light by Amy Perch

What I love the most about this post is the deconstruction of this project.  I gain a new perspective on a seemingly simple design when I see just how much work goes into its creation.  I also enjoy all the lack of planning and cut corners that are not only noted, but celebrated as a part of the artist’s personality and exploration friendly work process.


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