Space Issue

Since I moved into my very, very small apartment, I’ve been having something of a storage issue…

Great googly moogly!

I can’t believe after all the downsizing and all the deposits I’ve made to Goodwill that I still have this much stuff!!! That tall purple thing against the wall is a didgeridoo (O_o).  I do not play the didgeridoo…

Somehow I had convinced myself I could work with this, and for a while, I did.  But soon I came to realize that no one, I mean NO ONE, should ever have to try to work and/or live in a space like this!  The space never felt clean, and certainly wasn’t organized so how was I supposed to get anything done in a mess like that?!

So one quick jaunt to the new IKEA and $170 later, viola!

I am the woman!  Roar?  Not only is my space beautiful and organized, but I finally have a use for all those baskets I’ve been collecting!  Yaaaaay!  Now… to find a use for the glass jar collection…

I did a lot of shopping around while I was there at IKEA and managed to find that tall bookcase for $25!  I’m not 100% sure on the price on the tabletop/desk, but I believe it was around $30 – $45 and the legs were all sold separately (lame!) for around $4 each.  I bought a ton of 5×7 frames at $2.99 for the family photos I’ve been meaning to hang up for almost a year; you can see three of them on the small bit of wall behind my desk and then farther back by the window are another two.  I did purchase another bookcase for $25 that is on the other side of the apartment; I’ll get a picture of that in here too (^_^).  Oh and I bought a small Himalayan plant too!

I think the desk/table is my favorite new piece, mostly because it is such a very bright and friendly shade of green.  Behind my desk, under my computer/tv monitor, you can see the small bookcase that I’ve owned for nigh on forever and, as you can see, it’s an ugly, dark brown affair whose backside is badly peeling.  I plan to get a bit of homemade paper to pin there or perhaps a vintage poster of some kind.  I will be shopping for awesome wrapping paper for my girlfriend Lilly’s awesome birthday gift; maybe I’ll find something for the back of my poor old bookcase while I’m gift wrap shopping.

I’m not sure if I’m going to do anything artsy with the new bookcases anytime in the near future.  My old, brown bookcase definitely needs some jazzing up, but the new ones are just too pretty and pristine for me to go taping or gluing anything to them just yet!


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