Jewelry Organizer

I can’t remember where I got the idea for this…  Most likely Apartment Therapy.  But wherever and whenever it was that I originally saw this, the project immediately went onto The List.

Here we see the picture frame acquired from Goodwill, some size 10 crochet cotton, brass tacks, a brass finding for hanging the frame and a lace-weight crochet hook (can’t remember the exact size I used).  I also used three small hooks, that aren’t in this image lol.

I decided to go with a simple net crochet pattern that, after stretching over the frame, ended up looking something like a honeycomb pattern.  The three hooks I screwed into the wood of the frame and hung my necklaces on.  Originally I had wanted to attach the small brass finding to the center of the wood on the back of the frame to hang the frame, but I realized that if I took some of my necklaces off of one side, the whole thing would list to one side.  So I used two push pins and hung the frame on them.

Next week I hope to get a post in about my mini umbrella light fixture!


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