Tiny Pumpkin Crochet Pattern

Photo courtesy of repeatcrafterme.com

How cute is this little guy?  I found Repeat After Me this morning when looking around for some new crafting blogs and I’m pretty impressed!  Sarah, the brains behind Repeat After Me has Crock pot recipes, crochet stuff, craft stuff and lots of fun activities for you and the kids.  Click here for the pattern and don’t forget to check out some of the other fun stuff around the site!

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Child’s Cat Ear Headband

Photo courtesy of crochetspot.com

So cool, so cute!  Make a little someone a pair of these adorable kitty ears!  I’m sure the pattern can easily be adapted for an adult too if there are no little someone’s currently available (^_^).  Click here for the full pattern.

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The Maker by Christopher Kezelos

Instantly one of my favorite animations of all time!  Hauntingly beautiful music and story.  Watch below!

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Video Tutorial on Chevron Wrap

The chevron wrap over at Moogly Blog is one of her most popular patterns and we are all so lucky that she’s shared a how-to video for us to crochet along with!  For additional information about the pattern, to contact Moogly Blog or to just say hello and raise her visit count, click here!

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Humble Bundle E-Book Sale!

Photo courtesy of Tor.com

For two weeks only, Humble Bundle is working with a cross-section of publishers to try out a Pay What You Can ebook sale.  Hurry over and get a copy of Signal to Noise by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean, a lovely graphic novel about a man’s last days and also find out how generous Windows, Linux and Mac are.


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Free Scarecrow Pattern!

Photo courtesy of blog.makezine.com

I can’t believe it’s October already!  Time to get into the spirit of things around here with this adorable scarecrow pattern from Makezine.  Click here for the free pattern!

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10 Free Halloween Crochet Patterns

Photo courtesy of mooglyblog.com

Moogly has shared some truly spectacular Halloween patterns for us to try!  Personally I’m thinking of making about a hundred of those pumpkins and the candy corn bunting may just go on my door.  Click here for the list of patterns and links.

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Kickstarter Comic “Lust”

Photo courtesy of Flickr.com

An interview with the creators of Lust, a comic book that covers the idea of what lust and chastity and other vices can teach us.  I love the music in the background; can’t wait to get me a copy!  Check out some of the artwork and the Kickstarter site here.

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The Cat With Hands

I have to stop watching creepy videos late at night…  I’m starting to get nightmares.  But, just so that I know I’m not alone, here’s a slightly less creepy, slightly more cool video by Robert Morgan.


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We the Tiny House People

I adore great uses of space in small spaces!!!  I so want one of these tiny homes (^_^)

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